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Tech Dep

Our reputation has been built on value, service and remarkable innovation of mind. Service is second to none, because we offer extra peace of mind, plus ,extensive online support. When you buy a computer system through Tech. Dept. you get added confidence of buying from a name as respected as E T, one of the best system supporters in the City

Effectiveness & success
At Tech. Dept. we produce income by expanding income potential for our client and customers. No customer is too customers. No customer is too small or too large, and every customer must call again or we will, our consistence aim to achieve the highest quality in the shortest time, and the best pricing for our customers. We will continue to maintain the lowest return level in the industry. We invest in state of the art technology to better serve our customers and we measure our effectiveness and success by measuring customer satisfaction.

Software & Hardware Supply
In some instances it is difficult to know what hardware and software is right for you Tech Dept. will recommend and supply the software and

hardware that suits your requirements and budget. We can also supply and install upgrades to standard PCs. application software and network operating systems.

Maintenance services
Dept . provides: on-site Maintenance services & Depot Maintenance services for hardware & software. The services are rendered to the Client on Annual / Quarter or Per call basis, the service includes, all cleaning, Lubrication, inspection, testing, alignment and replacement of Computers parts, necessary to minimize equipment failure chances and extend its operational life. Upgrades & Refurbishument’s

Do your computer applications run slowly? Are some applications unusable on your system?

Tech. Dept. can upgrade your system with memory, new controllers, or a faster motherboard. Most Problems Company have with their PC systems require a simple upgrade, not a completely new system. IT you don't know what you need for an upgrade, our consultants and technicians can estimate the parts and cost.

Is your printer starting to smudge? Does it make strange noises when print? Before it breaks, let Tech. Dept. refurbish the printer. From clot matrix and impact printers to the latest laser printers. Tech Dept. willgive your printer the “Tune-Up”. you printer is returned working and looking "like new." Refurbishment is the best preventive maintenance a printer can receive.

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