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SSC History

SSC was formed in August of 1995 as a system support company. The company was created as a computer hardware maintenance and hardware Software consulting film.

Over the years the company has expanded and grown with the computer industry, to include on-site Time & Materials repair and depot repair maintenance contracts, preventive maintenance, installation, customized and concerned software sales and consulting, and new and used hardware sales of all major manufacturers. More and more companies made use of SSC Service. Whether depot repair or contract, software or hardware. SSC was meeting their needs.

In 1995, SSC decided to divide the company into the following operating entities.

  • Sales Dept. Supplies of Hardware equipments with the complete support of backup services and warranties.

  • Sys Dept. provides services for IT Solution, System Analysis & Design and Software Development for the system.

  • Net Dept. Provide Internetworking
    Solutions, Client / Server Development, & Other Network Related problems.

  • Web Dept. Designed Website for Internet and provide web-based solutions.

  • Tech Dept. provides the customer the best and latest available hardware and maintenance and also technical support, if required, customers can avail our special 24 Hours online support service. According to the customer defined needs.

  • Supplies Dept. Supplies as Genaral Suppliers in the Computer Stationery, equipments etc.

  • Historial Migration Dept. Data Migration of historical data / records , scanning services, files managements, application analysis.

SSC Today
SSC provides service to companies including federal, state, and local government agencies and commercial corporation of all sizes. Our technical staff has how to repair every manufacturer's equipment, including IBM, Apple. Hewlett Packard, Data General, Compaq, AST and Digital Equipment Corp.

SSC Offers

  • IT Solution
  • Intranet & Internet working
  • E-Commerce
  • Client / Server Development
  • Website Development
  • E-Publishing
  • Full on-site repair service
Our Staff
SSC provides itself on employing the most knowledgeable personal to serve our customers. Our s staff includes hardware engineers, system integrators, software developer. Novel Certified Engineers (CNEs), Microsoft Certified System Engineers (MCSEs) communication specialists, field technician, component-level hardware technician, and Web Sites designers. Whatever your computer-related problems is SSC has an export to solve it.

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