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Executive Summary

In today’s world, most of the Organizations rely more on the use of Computers and latest Technologies to run their businesses. Increased usage of Computers brings an increase need to understand the complexities, that are associated with Information Technologies and for main small Organizations there are simply no in-house skills to do this and quite rightly why would they want to be bothered with computers when they can run their slum without it.

(SSC) Saad Salman Corporation recognized this and specialize in the provision of IT solutions for the small business, allowing you to concentrate on what can you do best.

We can provide most of things (almost every thing) from supply and installation of PCs and Software right from the design and implementation of computer Network. Perhaps you are relocating offices and need a computer network installed before you move in or you require additional users to be added to your existing Network. Some times your Network is not performing as it should be and you need to locate the problem. Provide a range of Internet Services from connected your Network with Internet & complete creation of Web site (including the registration of your Company domain Name and Registration with an Internet Service Provider) to the design basic Web Pages. Whatever your Business needs. SSC can offer a whole range of solutions that are completely tailored to your requirements as well as within your Budget. More ever we can conduct the necessary work other than the normal Office hours, without disturbing your normal business operation & providing you immediate solution.

Allied Concerns
Following are the subsidiaries of Saad Salman Corporation

  • M. M. Corporation
  • Al Rehman Enterprises
  • Bhee Soft

In order to provide the best & dedicated services to he customers has grouped into following divisions:

  • Sales Dept. Complete range of I.T. related equipments, i.e. Branded / Un Branded Computers, Printers, Accessories, Peripherals, Network equipments & Accessories, etc.

  • Sys Dept. IT Solutions. System Analysis & Design and Software Development.

  • Net Dept. Internet Working Solutions. Client Server Development. & Other Networking Integration, Solutions.

  • Web Dept. Web site for Internet, other Web based Solutions.

  • Tech. Dept. Provides the Customers best latest Hardware & Maintenance and also Technical support. Our Customer can avail our special 24 hours on-line support Service.

  • Supplies Dept. General Order Suppliers i.e. Computer Stationery, Accessories, Peripherals etc.

  • Historical Migration. Data Entry or Historical Records Capturing Solutions.

We can offer device concerning the best software to meet your requirements and have relationship with local Training companies, who can provide Training either on or off-site for a wide range of Software Packages


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